Asbestos Documentary Regarding Mesothelioma To Be Aired

The documentary “Dirty Laundry”, a documentary on asbestos, will be screened this year at the annual American Industrial Hygiene Association AIHce EXP conference. The American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo is a conference in which professionals can learn to keep their workers safe. It focuses on blue collar workers, especially industrial workers. Workers can also attend to learn more about their careers and be able to work their way up the job ladder.

    At this American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo, there will be a screening of the documentary “Dirty Laundry”. “Dirty Laundry” is a documentary directed by Conor Lewis and Zack Johnson that highlights the devastating effects a mesothelioma diagnosis might have on a family.

    Mesothelioma is an extremely rare lung cancer caused by asbestos. Asbestos are small fibers that were used throughout building and manufacturing products. They are extremely practical, being strong and heat resistant, so they were used for decades in many many different products. That was until it was found that exposure to these fibers causes a multitude of diseases and cancers. One of the most aggressive of these cancers is mesothelioma. When airborne asbestos fibers are breathed in, they travel down the airways and into the lungs. While in the lungs, the fibers are lodged deep into the tissue, causing surrounding cells to malfunction and grow into cancer cells.

    Conor and Zach’s documentary will be shown at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo because of how it deals with mesothelioma and asbestos exposure, a very real risk for many industrial workers. When asked why they created the documentary, they said, “Our goal at the outset was to make a true and honest film about this problem, told through the lens of our family. Ultimately we wanted to tell this story to a whole new generation of home renovators and future change-makers.”

    This documentary will provide very useful information to all of the workers and professionals at the American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo.

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