Asbestos Found In Public Safety Building

The Juneau Public Safety Building demolition is not going very well as it has been found to contain dangerous materials. Ironically, the building used for Public Health and Safety has been found to be contaminated with asbestos.     The City and Borough of Juneau Lands and Resources Manager Greg Chaney reported that the asbestos had been found during the demolition of the Juneau Public Safety Building. It was located in between metal panels used to construct the building, having been used as a sealant for those metal panels.     It is not uncommon for asbestos to have been used in sealants as it was a very popular mineral used in many different parts of building construction. Some of the other building materials that also tend to have asbestos contamination are insulation, floor tiles, plaster, cement, caulk, adhesives, roofing, shingles, and siding. This is especially true for buildings that were constructed before the 2000s, as the Juneau Public Safety Building had been. The Juneau Public Safety Building was constructed in the 1970’s, meaning it was built at a time before we new how dangerous asbestos are and they were still being commonly used throughout building projects.     It was a bit of a surprise, however, because although asbestos was found in the sealant used in the seams of the buildings roof and walls, it was not used in some of the previously removed sealant and walls. They located the asbestos relatively far into the demolition project, meaning that the project would have to stop as it required an asbestos abatement.     An asbestos abatement is the term used for the proper removal of asbestos. Due to asbestos’ fibrous and light form, it can go airborne fairly easy, and it requires special procedures to be safely removed.     The asbestos abatement project going on right now at Juneau Public Safety Building will most likely be completed in about a month, according to officials.

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