Asbestos Will Continue To Be Used In Makeup

California legislature refused to ban asbestos in makeup products and cosmetics in a shocking decision. This decision could have possibly devastating effects on California locals, specifically young women and girls who will now be exposed to these toxic materials.     Assembly Bill 495 proposed the banning of selling all cosmetic materials containing toxic chemicals and minerals. Some of these minerals and chemicals included formaldehyde, asbestos, and mercury. However, the bill did not even survive its first committee hearing as the push back from players such as the California Chamber of Commerce was too strong. The California Chamber of Commerce claimed that Assembly Bill 495 would be a “job killer” and that it was not worth it to pass such a bill.     In response to the California Chamber of Commerce, Democratic Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi of Torrance stated that, “We certainly don’t want to kill jobs, but we want to make sure that these products are not being sold when there’s strong scientific evidence indicating there are harmful impacts on women, men and children.”     The Chamber of Commerce did not back down from their stance, however, claiming that the bill would have imposed, ”onerous and unnecessary economic burdens on California manufacturers and retailers by immediately banning thousands of personal care products from being sold in California….The mere presence of a chemical in a product cannot be a proxy for ‘exposure.’” They also claimed that, “actual exposure at a level sufficient to cause harm, as determined via rigorous analysis, should be the standard for more regulation.”     Due to the push from players like the Chamber of Commerce, the bill will not be passed. Asbestos is known to contaminate makeup, as it is also known to cause a multitude of cancers and diseases. The lack of regulations on the asbestos and other damaging materials in makeup puts young girls, women, and cosmetologists at harm.

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