Dangerous Asbestos Exposed to New Jersey Residents During Demolition

New Jersey residents were very upset when they found out that asbestos had been exposed to them during a demolition job on a few unsafe buildings. The buildings were tore down by the contracting company Alvaro & Brothers LLC earlier this year. Meridia-Capodagli, the development company for the land the buildings were on, were accused of not removing the asbestos before demolishing the buildings, exposing all of the locals to airborne asbestos.     Airborne asbestos are extremely dangerous. Asbestos was commonly used by manufacturers and builders through the 1900’s. Asbestos is a very durable and practical mineral, so it was used for many different products across many different industries. One of the main industries it was used in was building. There is no surprise then, that the buildings being demolished did in fact have asbestos in them. Officials stated that after testing the rubble of the torn down buildings, materials used in the roof for the building and in other parts of the building tested positive for asbestos. Not only did the officials find asbestos, but locals were also theorizing that asbestos was being released in this demolition after seeing large clouds of whitish gray clouds lingering across the construction site and surrounding areas. This is dangerous not only for the residents walking around the area but also the workers from Alvaro & Brothers LLC working on the project. Without the proper equipment, workers were exposed to a large amount of asbestos and were put at risk for developing on of the many asbestos related diseases. As it was clear that Meridia-Capodagli developers had cut corners, they were cited for the improper demolition of the buildings on their development site, putting workers and residents at risk for asbestos related diseases. Spokesman Thomas Wright stated that, “(Capodagli-Meridia) admitted to the cited disturbance and took responsibility for it, including the actions of (its contractor) Alvaro.” Capodagli-Meridia ended up paying $5,000 in fines.

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