Asbestos Health Risk

As you may have heard, asbestos is a very dangerous mineral! Once thought to be the best insulator and heat resistor for housing insulation, siding, and flooring; this fiber-esque mineral has been found to cause many many health disorders among people who live in close proximity to it. Even dogs and cats have been found to be affected by the disease. How can this be? In just a few short paragraphs, I can outline why asbestos is such a health risk for you and your family. (even all your little pets!) And I will also give you all kinds of steps you can take to make sure your family stays safe in the future. That will be very good for everyone. Number 1: Asbestos causes mesothelioma, lung inflammation, lung scarring, and asbestosis. That’s a lot of diseases! And all of them have the potential of being fatal. Asbestos poisoning is not limited to just humans either. Anybody can get it, even your pets, and that is because asbestos poisoning is caused when a living, breathing creature inhales asbestos particles. The mineral toxin-laced particles travel into your lungs and take root. They can scar the inner lining of your lungs and infect deeply. There is no outright cure to asbestos exposure other than to not breathe it!  If your home is very old, maybe built before the 1980s, be very aware of pieces of your home breaking off. If the old walls begin to crack and expire then it could be a good indication that asbestos particles are getting out into your home. That is when you should be most afraid of asbestos poisoning! When your home is turning into a time bomb. I would recommend getting your dogs, cats, and parrots all together and taking a day trip while someone comes in and cleans up the mess. You need a good company to come in to remove the asbestos from our home. Not just remove, but even find! Asbestos is so hard to detect because it is colorless and odorless. A trained team should be able to come into your home with equipment and safety gear ad discover whether or not asbestos is a risk for your family at any given time. When the team i actually removing your asbestos ridden siding, they should have all kinds of safety nets around to catch the asbestos siding. They will also have safety bags they will also have safety bags so they can dispose of the materials in a non-hazardous way. You need to call AirClean Asbestos Removal and Testing in San Antonio for your asbestos removal needs. They have the best rates and experience in town. No other place in Texas removes asbestos like these guys. Imagine this company is the prime rib of asbestos removers. Or the Houston Rockets of asbestos removal. Or maybe the Luka Doncic of asbestos removers. However you slice it, these guys get the job done and at a great price. Call the professionals down at AirClean Asbestos Removal and Testing today!

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