Asbestos Removal: 3 Questions Answered

Asbestos infests at least one part of all homes built before the 1970s. It is a mineral used in many old building projects due to its resistance to heat and good insulative properties. But asbestos has a dark side to it. It can cause many deadly diseases if inhaled. Today we want to answer three important questions when considering hiring an asbestos removal company to remove the asbestos from your home. It is almost always better to hire a certified company to remove the asbestos from your home instead of doing it yourself, considering the health risks that you and your family could be exposed to. Without further ado, here are three big questions we answer when considering a company to remove the asbestos in your place of residence.   Question #1: Licensing.   An asbestos removal company with no licensing is no trustworthy company at all. Every time you do business with a professional company, you should always check their certification in the field they perform service in. Without certification, you could be subject to big mistakes in their work and no legal help to back you up. It is important not to open up that dangerous can of worms. Make sure the company knows their stuff. There is little point in hiring them if they cannot show you a paper proving their legitimacy. Make sure you check your local city, county, or state regulations and make sure they match up with the company’s licenses. Different regions can have different policies on asbestos removal so it is necessary to check. Your house in Oregon might have been fine to remove asbestos from but your San Antonio house might have different regulations slapped onto it! Watch out for shady businesses. Get yourself an honest and hard-working one to do the job.   Question #2: Reputations   The reputation of the asbestos company you hire is important. If you go onto google and read all kinds of negative reviews about service or quality of work then it might be good to steer clear of that company. Look for a five-star, trusted, good old fashioned hard working business owner to get the job done. You want a man who will do a good job for a decent price. You do not want a cheap-o guy to do the work for dirt cheap. Invest in yourself and your home and spend a little extra that it takes to get great service along with the great product. So make sure to always check on the company’s reputation. It is a big factor in the decision.   Question #3: Money   That’s right. Money. Make sure you’re spending the right amount of money on the asbestos removal job. Too little money and you’re not getting a great job done. Too much and you might be getting scammed. Do some research on how much an asbestos removal job might cost. Be ready to listen to offers and barter the company to a good price. If the company has good service do not be afraid to pay that little extra that it takes to ensure a thorough job well done. Your money is important and we do not want to waste it.   We’ve just answered some of the biggest questions people ask about asbestos removal. Now call your friends and tell them to call AirClean Asbestos Removal and Testing in San Antonio. They provide the big three: Reputation, money, and certification to perfection. Call them today so you can rest easy in your own home.

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