Finding Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos is a mineral material that was used in many housing construction projects before the 1970s. Unfortunately for home-owners of creations from that era, that means your homes are infested with potentially life-threatening substance. Back when the houses were being built, scientists did not know that asbestos, upon being inhaled, causes several dangerous diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, and lung cancer, to name a few. So if you live in a house that is older than 1970 and have not gotten your home checked for asbestos, now is the time!   The existence of asbestos in old households begs the question: How can you find asbestos? Or better yet, how can you know if there is asbestos in your home? There is a process to finding out these very questions. Asbestos becomes dangerous when it becomes airborne. If a piece of wall containing asbestos is broken off or drilled into, asbestos fibers could fly through the air and straight down your larynx without you ever knowing. It is very hard, or even impossible, to discover asbestos just by looking with your eyes. Further chemical analysis is necessary. Samples of asbestos fibers must be sent to a lab for testing.   Once you have a sample of material you think contains asbestos, the sample needs to be taken to a laboratory equipped with the proper scanning technology to reveal asbestos.  Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) is an approved method for finding asbestos. You could find samples of suspected asbestos in your house on your own. Instead of exposing yourself to the fibers, a professional should be consulted to remove the asbestos for you. A company who uses the best and safest tools can be an invaluable addition to the project. In fact, they may be able to take over the project entirely so that you may take a deep breath. A good project manager for an asbestos removal job is imperative for keeping all the people nearby safe during the removal process. And while they are at it, they can help sample material that they think contains asbestos. This will help you with the sampling step as well.   At this point in your asbestos journey, you should call a trained professional, licensed, company to remove the asbestos in your home. Preferably one that knows the intricacies of removing even the most brittle material without spreading dust everywhere. Also preferably a company that has access to all the laboratories needed to verify asbestos samples.   San Antonio has only one company that should be completely trusted for asbestos removal. That company is Air Clean Asbestos Removal and Testing. You’ve tried identifying and detecting asbestos on your own (hopefully safely). And if you’re still out of luck, go with the pros. The professionals are the only ones in town who will truly be able to take care of your home’s needs safely. They use the best equipment and methods for asbestos removal. Safety is of course their top priority. With them, the process can be taken over from start to finish so that you can breathe freely. Call our San Antonio location today.

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