Removing Asbestos Siding

Asbestos can be found in countless homes built before the 1970s. It is a fiber ingredient that was used in many housing materials like roofs, crawl spaces, insulation, and even vinyl flooring. Asbestos as a solid is not dangerous. Your asbestos ridden floor could be decently safe to be around. That is, until the asbestos becomes airborne. The moment asbestos is able to be breathed into the lungs is the moment you are at risk.   Asbestos can cause many dangerous diseases such as Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and lung cancer. These are just a few. The list goes on. Now that you know of the dangers of asbestos, what can you do about making sure your family is safe? The answer lies in asbestos testing and removal. You should get your Chicago home tested for this potentially life-threatening fiber. When an asbestos tester comes to your home, he will bring with him all the necessary tools to make sure he and his team can remove the asbestos from your home quickly, easily, and safely. Specifically, the asbestos removal company may be removing your old, asbestos-ridden, siding. First, the asbestos removers have to put on protective suits to protect from the fibers in the air. They will put on hazmat-like plastic suits, hats, goggles, and gas masks. As well as gloves and boots. The less skin-contact with asbestos, the better off you are. The men will also carry with them an assortment of tools for prying pieces of siding off and loads of plastic bags. They will also cover the surrounding area in plastic to contain as much of the asbestos as possible. These are the essentials. They are now able to begin.   There are a couple ideal conditions in which removing siding with asbestos is preferable. For instance, it is important for the siding to be slightly damp so that it is harder for the asbestos dust to go airborne. If you can pick a balmy day to get your siding removed that will be better. It is better to avoid cracking and crumbling the siding as much as possible. Your asbestos-removal men will systematically remove the siding from each side of the house. They will lightly soak the area of wall to be removed, and carefully pop off the siding. Next they should soak it in extra water once it’s on the ground, and finally lock it tightly in heavy duty plastic bags. Pretty soon your house will have brand new, safe siding. It’s time to protect your family and get a brand new look for your house at the same time. If you want fantastic treatment like this for your home, be sure to call Air Clean Asbestos Removal and Testing in San Antonio, Texas. As far as asbestos companies go in San Antonio, Air Clean Asbestos Removal is the most trusted and competent in their field. They consistently deliver top-level service to their customers. At the same time keeping them and their families safe from the dangers of asbestos. Call today!

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