The Continuing Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos is everywhere in buildings all around the world! Due to its fine insulative and heat-resistant properties, asbestos was used widely in home construction from the ancient times all the way to the 1980s in the United States. It has stopped being used in construction because it was found to have dangerous properties for those who live nearby it. Or more specifically, those who inhale the toxic fibers. Asbestos by itself is ordinarily okay. Purely the existence of it in your home will not kill you. In fact, asbestos is normally packed inside walls, underneath siding, or deep in crawl spaces. So the actual day-to-day dangers of asbestos related illnesses are slim. But now that old buildings are crumbling and asbestos fibers are being swept into the air more consistently, there is a higher chance that your old home could be a death trap for anyone living inside. That is right. Today we talk about the continuing dangers of asbestos. As I have said, the dangers of asbestos can only truly be unleashed once the asbestos fibers are firmly in the airways. Breathing asbestos is the most prolific way of getting poisoned by it. Some deadly diseases caused by asbestos include mesothelioma, lung cancer, or irreversible lung scarring. If enough asbestos is breathed the lung scarring can be fatal. And even if a little asbestos is breathed, you can find yourself exposed to cancer. So never ever go into your old houses attic and start stirring up dust. You know now what your actions would unleash if you did that! It is worth pointing out again that asbestos is only really dangerous as a pathogen. When it travels as dust in the air. So most people are probably safe in their homes. One of the largest concerns lies in the fact that there were tens of thousands of homes built before the 1980s that are just starting to crack and crumble now. The risk of asbestos poisoning comes when old buildings deteriorate. Any little crumble could release asbestos from the walls. You need a professional crew to come in so that they can put down protective coverings and wear protective gear on the job site. Removing asbestos from the home is an all-day activity. A crew should come well prepared to move quickly but also safely. This is so that the house is not dangerous to live in. If you get a bad construction asbestos removal company to do this job for you  a couple things might happen: First, the might not have good equipment to use, or second they might make matters worse by disturbing the asbestos without actually removing it.   An unprofessional crew might come in and just start tearing walls and ceilings apart with no regard for the dangers. That is why you need to call AirClean Asbestos Removal and Testing in San Antonio. Our professional service is unmatched in the area. Our equipment is top notch and our men are hard working. Give us a call today! We are the best in town.

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