Asbestos Detected in B.F. Goodrich Tire Plant

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently begun action on an emergency situation in Miami, Oklahoma. Asbestos fibers were found in the debris of an old B.F. Goodrich tire plant during its demolition. The farther they work through this demolition, the more problems seem to crop up.     The city overseer for the demolition stated that, “You get in there and it’s like ‘Whoops. Here’s an issue. Whoops. Here’s an issue,’ ” in regards to the demolition project.     The plant was built in a time in which asbestos was commonly used in building projects. Before the 1980’s it was used in almost every building that was constructed in the United States. This is due to that fact that asbestos is incredibly resilient and heat proof. Due to these positive attributes of asbestos, it was used in concrete, asphalt, vinyl materials in roof shingles, pipes, siding, wall board, floor tiles, joint compounds and adhesives.     Asbestos is a very dangerous mineral, coming into contact with it and breathing it in can lead to a multitude of diseases and cancers. This is why the United States Environmental Protection Agency had to step in in regards to the B.F. Goodrich tire plant demolition. Special precautions must be taken in order to now expose any workers to this deadly chemical.     The Environmental Protection Agency will be having a meeting with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality this Thursday in order to figure out how these asbestos debris can be safely removed.     Rebecca Jim of LEAD Agency nonprofit will also be working on this asbestos removal project. In regards to the asbestos abatement Jim said that, ““They’re going to tear down two buildings and get rid of all of the rubble piles. The rubble piles all have friable asbestos, which means it could become airborne and hurt people. It’s slow, but it’s going to be thorough. If we can get the immediate work done on removing exposure to asbestos, it’s really important.”     The EPA hopes to finish the asbestos removal project in three to four months.

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