How To Protect Your Children From Asbestos

One of the most at risk groups of people for asbestos exposure is children. When children are exposed to asbestos, it is of course not in the same way adults would get exposed to asbestos, which is usually through work. Children are exposed in a much different way, which is usually because of their lack of understanding and knowledge on the subject. Children tend to be exposed to asbestos through playing in the substance. Due to the asbestos mineral’s innocuous appearance, children will see no problem with handling and being exposed to asbestos.     Many homes that were built before the 1980’s contain asbestos in some area of it. Not old did old homes contain it, but tool sheds and other building children commonly play and inhabit were built using asbestos. As the buildings deteriorate, the asbestos containing materials, such as asbestos sheets used in walls and roofs as insulation, are released into the air. Breathing in these airborne asbestos can have devastating effects, especially on children.     Due to the fact that children’s lungs are not fully developed yet, breathing in asbestos fibers is particularly harmful. It is easier for the asbestos fibers to lodge themselves into the lungs and cause lung cancer or disease. Along with the risk of breathing in asbestos fibers, children also run the risk of ingesting asbestos fibers. A child may encounter asbestos and, not knowing what it is, accidentally ingest it through sticking their contaminated hands into their mouths.     To keep children safe from asbestos exposure, there are a few things that every parents should do. The main way to prevent accidental asbestos exposure is to educate your children on what asbestos is and to not touch it when they come into contact with it. Along with educating your child on what asbestos is and how to avoid it, be sure to keep your kids away from any possible asbestos containing sheds, abandoned homes, or demolition sites.

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